FEC MP-3435

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FEC MP-3435


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Silver grey and white design of MP – 3000 (MegaPOS series), subversion POS system cold heavy image, the entirely new appearance of exquisite fashion gift afresh POS system more fluid design for POS is not just the good assistant of the checkout counter, and the store improve image or collocation is part of an overall decoration can not be ignored. Now the 15 inch LCD screen of MP – 3000, with the Intel Celeron 440 2 GHz mononuclear, E2160 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, and two DRAM memory slot, on the performance more flexible and easily upgrade for customers depending on future demand. The built-in customer display also saves more space for mp-3000 usage. In addition, equipped with a sufficient I/O connection port can connect different POS peripherals and enable mp-3000 to meet the needs of customers’ business. The mp-3000 will be the most economical and practical best choice for both the external design and the functional requirements of POS.